This is the amplifier that placed 45 vacuum tubes of the good sound in beautiful property of wood system Shashih.' 45' single stereo amplifier A-08
198,000yen (the finished goods) 138,000yen (the kit specification) 98,000yen (the electricity part selling each type)

● The sound' is from old that established opinion placed 45' in beautiful property of wood system Shashih with a good case single amplifier A-08 that did 45' the drive with a simple CR connection' the vacuum tube with the established opinion with the good case of the sound it is the single stereotyped vacuum tube amplifier that adopted 45' with the CR connection simply' the vacuum tube that is the good case of sound from the era of the vacuum tube radio in the early period old and have an established opinion. ' About 2 watts that the output is few' 45 and the dignity of the sound is high although, be the reputation that is not inferior to WE-300B of famous vintage about whether the vacuum tube that held. However, the charm is not able to be drawn if we do not adopt a good thing to the transformer and parts etc. that we concomitantly use to draw the excellent sound sufficiently. Usual' adopting the transformer of the our company special order that had sufficient capacity with the highest-class that we are adopting to A-07 etc. of the upper grade machine in this machine, although the output is used a small thing to the transformer due to the small power in the amplifiers of 45' the characteristic is being drawn sufficient. So that we are able to use to the power supply transformer of the adoption to this machine even 2A3 and 6A3,6B4G etc. of bigger output establishing the tap for the heater power supply of the spare it makes it a rule to be able to correspond to the specification change and upgrading.

●Vintage of' 45' the standard belonging of the vacuum tube to the output tube
In A-08 mainly U.S. made in vintage of ST type of' 45' the vacuum tube it is standard and be belonging. The one who hopes could request it separately, because it is preparing even the vintage vacuum tube of the RCA 5U4G etc. of the output tube, rectification tube such as eggplant style 245, 345 by the request also. Furthermore, please inquire the price, details to our company.

●Being easy to make even the kit product with simple functional Shashih structure it is prepared.
This machine is preparing even the product in the kit type as it is done and assembles with oneself in addition to the finished goods. A-08 is composed as easy to combine by simple circuit constitution and brief Shashih structure and the failure nonexistent highest sound be obtained to the first one. Furthermore even the socket and electricity part selling each type for the hand made are preparing it as it is able to select the vacuum tube and circuit to the kit product with oneself in addition to the standard type of A-08. This electricity part selling each type is the set that the part other than it requests the one that is a set of only Shashih and input-output terminal, transformer and the like, Lagu terminals and be special hope. The output transformer could choose which whether because it is preparing even the 2.5kΩ type, although a standard article is 5kΩ. Also, the output transformer is possible even that you exchange after you request it particularly because we launch even the simple substance.

●It is as the refined appearance that adopts highly efficient mushroom style vacuum tube 717A to the first grade tube and absent to formerly.
We are adopting 5 pole tube 717A to the first grade of the A-08 amplifier. It is 5 pole tubes of the excellent performance that are designed with WESTERN ELECTRIC and was produced as the for military use of U.S., although this vacuum tube remains generally and be not known. This vacuum tube is doing the low round lovely appearance of the original back. The vacuum tube type of this is called the mushroom tube in U.S. and have obtained it secret popularity. By do this vacuum tube (TUNGSOL or RAYTHEON production) the specification with comparatively low load resistance in A-08 and stabilizing the screen grid voltage excellent drive performance is being demonstrated.

●In Shashih the property of wood system material novel beautiful design we adopt the property of wood system material called the complite of 18 o thick in Shashih of this realization machine with the combination with the adoption, champagne gold aluminum alloy transformer cover. This material does the thin simple board of the cherry tree material the product layer and cause permeated the phenol resin and be an excellent material to electric to, the strength target that hardened it. The strength and electricity insulation nature are having the performance equivalent to the phenol resin. Also, adopting the champagne gold aluminum alloys of 2 o thick to the transformer cover it is finished beautifully.

●We are adopting the socket made of the our company original Teflon that is evaluated the socket made of the Teflon made by the own company that is evaluated highly with highly efficient, high reliability to this adoption machine socket and the like highly with the goodness of the reliability and sound completely completely. The electricity insulation nature adopts the circle pin of excellent neighbour bronze to the spring production to the adoption, pin to the body to the socket of our company and reach the most excellent Teflon to mechanical to electric and be as the high socket of reliability. As for that the electricity characteristic is excellent, the Teflon is excelling even the pair temperature characteristic and there are hardly the deterioration, passing year change of hygroscopicity and insulation nature needless to say. Therefore it is a big characteristic to almost there are not the care of the performance and characteristic even if it uses it with the high temperature part such as the vacuum tube amplifier for many years. Also the pin is becoming the such structure that is taken out the shaving from the circle sticks of all the neighbour bronze and put in the slit and do the foot of the vacuum tube the hold accurately. Therefore the foot of the vacuum tube there is not a gutter at all the vacuum tube in the condition which shone in the socket and has the effect that is done the hold firmly and prevents the influence to the tone quality of the vacuum tube by the vibration.

●The resistance and the like that adopt the good DALE company production of the sound to the resistance and the like and be using the few polypropylene film condenser of the distortion for adoption A-08 for a main part to the condenser are adopting the U.S. DALE company production to most of the parts. To a large resistor the etal crad style of the uninduction type, the volume line style of the uninduction, we are using appropriately the metal tunic resistance to the type of the small capacity to the middle capacity type. With the whichever same DALE company production the tone quality is excellent as it is not able to compare it with the thing of the same class of the domestic production. Also it is high greatly due to the part that even the reliability was made in conformity with the MIL spec. of U.S.
Also we are mainly adopting the polypropylene condenser to the condenser. The responsiveness to the signal of the palace nature of the ratio sob this polypropylene condenser excels in a usual chemical condenser and also even the distortion rate of condenser oneself excellent very much. To influence largely also in the power supply circuit not only the signal circuit most of the condensers including the power supply circuits the difference of the tone quality in this condenser adopts the polypropylene type we are measuring the tone quality improvement through the means.

●To the transformer and the like all the cut core transformer of the excellent High B type of the performance it is distorted with the concomitant use with the adoption, Teflon insulation paper and the few excellent sound of the impression be adopting the cut core transformer of excellent High B type to the regulation to all to each power supply transformer, output transformer, chalk coil of this realization machine. The cut core transformer is that the performance and tone quality are good and there is an established opinion, it was adopted only to a high-class machine type formerly because the price is expensive. We omit be nude and adopt the part that we were enclosing with the case conventionally to lower the cost of this transformer in our company and and do the reduction of the cost adopt the same transformer as the upper grade machine type materialized it the decline of the cost by the number particularly and by adopting the cover that covers all the transformer department and without lowering the quality. Although the cost lowered it the transformer is working at the maintenance of the quality for instance, it does the epoxy resin of the high quality in the inside a company premises to maintain the tone quality. Especially we adopt 100 micron thick core material of the special orders to the output transformer and wind by using the insulation paper of the Teflon and be maintaining most high quality.

●To the input terminal, original pin Jacques made by our company of the chromium copper adoption to the speaker terminal the speaker terminal made of the pure copper the input terminal of this adoption machine is adopting our company original highest-class pin Jacques who is to the outside conductor the shaving of chromium copper and send the terminal, to the inside pin the neighbour bronze shaving and adopt the that circle pin terminal and adopted the Teflon as the insulation material. Sending the pure copper shaving to the output terminal we are adopting the large terminal of the Teflon insulation with the gold plating. Even the speaker cable of the thick yarn called thickness 8 o is enabling the connection to this.

●Adoption of the beautiful very hard Africa ebony circle stick of the sound to the leg
Starting to shave the Africa ebony material with the established opinion to the leg of this machine with the beautiful case of the sound we are adopting it. The sound is beautiful with the material that this Africa ebony material is used to the oboe and the clarinet actually, be the material that is receiving high evaluation even for the setting base material of our company. The leg is fixed in Shashih made of direct complite to obtain the goodness of the strength and sound and be supporting it the whole weight accurately.

●To the power cable the high quality line material, the hospital grade gold plating chromium copper terminal the power cable of this adoption machine is adopting the high quality cable to the hospital grade plug of National to the adoption, plug department to the plug by using an original gold plating chromium copper pin of with the inlet terminal of 3p.
Even that we exchange to the cord of the hope of the customer is possible because we are adopting 3p inlet Jacques to this side of the body. When the quality will improve even the vacuum tube amplifier the change of the tone quality by the power cable comes come to turn up sensitively. Even the change of the sound by the power cable please have fun by all means.

● Spec.
Form: 45 single stereo power amplifiers
Use vacuum tube: 45 (the vintage articles made in U.S.) 2 tubes, 717A 2 tubes, 5U4G 1 tube all belonging
Biggest output: 2W+2W
Frequency characteristic: 23-30kHz
Input impedance: 200kΩ
External form measure: 400 (W) 294 (D) 204 (H)
Weight: 14.3 s
The price: 198,000yen (the finished goods) 138,000yen (the kit) 98,000yen (the vacuum tube, socket, electricity part selling each type, Shashih and transformer, input-output terminal ATTACHED) the socket, input pin Jacques, speaker terminals, other parts made of the Teflon are being prepared the various kinds
/selling each output transformer OPT-5002 (5kΩ)29,000yen OPT-5001 (2.5kΩ)29,000yen.
Please request a detailed catalog.

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その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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